100% pass obtain get MCSE MCP CCNA CCNP ORACLE COMPTIA certificate without exam

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Published: 15th December 2009
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Get an International IT Certificate at Home without Taking Exams Yourself:
Never worry about failing to pass your IT certificate any more, since we can help you achieve that easily. As a professional testing center, we can pass MCSE MCSA MCDBA MCSD MCAD MCP CCNA CCNP CCDA CCDP CCIP CCVP CCSP CCIE ORACLE OCP SUN SCJP LPI or other certifications for you! Both our prices and services are quite attractive! Once you take our services, you will be our friend and will enjoy better prices if continuing to take our services.
Gooooooooooooooooooood News!

All Microsoft exams: $350 per exam; MCSE2003(7 Exams): $2400!
CCNA: $1200. (Note: Euro is also accepted!)

No risk, payment through Paypal, 100% money back if failing to pass!
For better prices, please contact us at:

Email: certseasy@gmail.com
Yahoo! Messenger: certseasy@yahoo.com
URL: www.certseasy.com


It's not certseasy.com but buyitcert.com that is a cheater!

To tell the truth, I will never want to but have to tell you that buyitcert is indeed a cheater. Here, I mean buyitcert is not a cheater of fake services but a liar! He has released many posts with the words "Don't purchase from certseasy.com, it is a cheater". In his post, he pretends to be a client of ours and said that he was caught by Microsoft by posting a query email from Microsoft. In fact, the releaser of the post is just the operator of www.buyitcert.com that does the same business with us. Due to our low price and safe & quick services, more and more kind clients are running to us, which, however, has attracted the green-eyed monster of buyitcert. I can swear to the God that none of our clients have ever undergone risk or even caught by Microsoft or any other certificate providers, and everyone can check the credit records of our Paypal ID that has been used for several years, and you will find no disputes to me at all. Sarcastically, buyitcert even doesn't know where our testing sites are located, and thus he is obviously a liar! Yes, the guys in our business (including www.buyitcert.com) have to be honest so as to get more orders and make more money, but such immoral actions of buyitcert will make the wise clients know him more clearly.

The query email from Microsoft can be coped with easily, as it is just a query email sent to the candidates when the testing sites of their MS exams are closed. Thus, very few clients will receive the email, as our testing sites are absolutely legal and reliable. In this way, everyone of the same business can easily cope with such email, and we certseasy have some officials in Prometric system, and then we can guarantee your 200% safety! Even a testing site was closed in case, we have many other sites in our name to protect our clients, so our clients will have no risk for ever!

Since the start of our business, we have helped many clients quickly obtain the certificates they need, and all of them feel our services wonderful! However, when our business is more and more pretty, some guy is rather jealous to our development and tries to damage our reputation. Here, we swear to the God that all of our clients haven't undergone any risk and will never have risk in the future, as we promised that we guarantee their 100% safety! Yes, we deeply know that reputation is much more important than money, so we will never make you risky while taking our services by taking enough measures for safety.

Last but not least, when I kindly sent an email to buyitcert to persuade him to stop damaging our reputation, he was rather rude and threatened that if I take any counterattack action he would close my site by some special means. It's really funny that he always regards himself as an official substitute company of Microsoft, but will Microsoft appoint a company to substitute their exams??!! Competition exists in any industry, but what we should do is to enhance the service quality and reduce the prices instead of taking any improper action!

Certseasy.com will always keep the promises that any client will have no risk for ever, and 200% of your payment will be refunded if you have got any trouble! Also, in such a bad economy, we are trying to cut the price as much as we can to help you improve your competitiveness in the rough employment market.

URL: www.certseasy.com

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